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Download a copy of the schedule HERE

Pre-Carlisle Symposium Events October 1-4, 2012:

Select the link for more details: Indigenous Latin America

Thursday October 4

4 – 6 PM
History on High & Visitor’s Center, 33 W. High Street
Gallery Talk and Book Signing: Jim Thorpe at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School – Fact vs Fiction

Special program of readings by Kate Buford, author of Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe and Chris Gavaler, author of School of Tricksters.  Both best-selling authors will be reading and trading stories from their respective works of fiction and non-fiction. For more information click Here.

The Cumberland County Visitor’s Center is two blocks from campus,  located at 33 W. High Street. The Historical Society is just around the corner at 21 N. Pitt Street (see below or we will link pdf to this) for hours for the Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS) which is extending hours for those wishing to do research in the CIIS archives and to see the museum exhibits). For more information see Barbara Landis’ website on CIIS at

Tour of former site of CIIS by Barbara Landis (Reservations are now closed for this event.)
Depart from Old West Parking Lot, Dickinson College

7:30 p.m
Indigenous Latin America: Reclaiming the Past and Building the Future.
Roundtable with Valeria Mapelman and Hernán Ávila Montaño (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia).
Althouse 106, Dickinson College

Carlisle Symposium Formally Begins

Note registration, coffee breaks, and Lakota dinner will all be in ATS Lobby and Stern Great Room. All other sessions (unless otherwise indicated by an *) will be held in ATS with the exception of the film screening on Saturday that will be held in Althouse 106.  Please be sure to bring photo ID if you are going on one of the CIIS tours.

Friday October 5 

Registration and Coffee
ATS Lobby

Honoring the Elders
Welcome – Susan Rose, Provost Neil Weissman, Jacqueline Fear-Segal

Blessing and Plenary, “Collected Memories” by Pete Jemison

Coffee break
ATS Lobby 


Maurice Kenny, “Photograph: Carlisle Indian School (1879-1918)”

“Coming to Carlisle: The Names, The Pictures, The Stories.”
Jacqueline Fear-Segal, Barbara Landis, and Dovie Thomason

*Lunch Break – on your own
(Sign-up sheets for local eateries or college eateries will be available at the Registration table. The SNAR in the Hub offers very good soups, salad bar, all sorts of sandwiches hot and cold, sushi… at very reasonable prices. Additional tables will be available in the HUB siderooms. Or you can sign up at registration if you would like to join a group for Amy’s Thai, Back Door (sandwiches and pizzas), or Issei Noodles (Japanese) all within easy walking distance of campus.

1:30 – 2:45
“The Spirit Survives” by Story-Teller Dovie Thomason

“The Spirit Survives” is an “entrance” into the world of the Indian residential schools that was inspired by a mother’s need to share its history with her daughter.  The haunting refrain in the story is: “There are some stories you don’t want to tell.  There are some stories you have to tell.”

Thomason introduces her listeners to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania and its profound and enduring impact on Indian and non-Indian people since its inception in 1879 and far beyond its closing in 1918.  Her story braids together personal and family memoir, the history of the federal Indian residential schools, and the story of Gertrude Bonnin (later Zitkala Sa), the Nakota woman who went through the Indian schools, taught at Carlisle, and went on to become a writer and activist for Indian rights.

“Remember That Life Does Not End’: Navajo Education at Carlisle Indian School and Decolonization” Jennifer Nez  Denetdale

Coffee Break
ATS Lobby

“Visualizing Sovereignty” Jolene Rickard

Lakota Dinner
(Reservations are now closed for this event.)
Stern Great Room 

Events open to the public
Stern Great Room

Poetry Readings by Laura Tohe with Q&A.  Followed by open mic, featuring Margo Tamez and others
Stern Great Room 

Saturday October 6

Tour of CIIS led by Barbara Landis (Reservations are now closed for this event.)
Departs from Old West Parking Lot, Dickinson College

Registration and coffee
ATS Lobby

Panel: Within & Beyond the Boarding School Walls

Moderator Chris Bilodeau, Dickinson College

Claudia Ulbrich “As if the Land Spoke with a New Tongue – Indigenous-German Relations in Central Pennsylvania” (University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany).

Preston McBride, CIIS: Conditions, Student Health, and Mortality (Dartmouth College).

Louellyn White, “The Carlisle Industrial Indian School: Beyond the School Walls” (Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Gregory Younging, “Living Through Violence: The Residential School Era and Its Legacy as Examined Through the Lenses of Direct, Structural and Cultural Violence” (Member of Opsakwayak Cree Nation in Nothern Manitoba; Professor, University of British Columbia Okanagan and Assistant Director of Research for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada).

*Carolyn Rittenhouse: A Plains Indian Tipi Project
Dickinson Library

Reclaiming Tradition – a journey of reclamation presented by a Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux woman who was gifted with a tipi to “make her own.” With the help of her Lakota tiospaye and renowned ledger artist, Dwayne Wilcox, Carolyn Rittenhouse – Hwo Washte Winyan created a work of art memorializing the history of her tribe and family.


*Round Table Discussions and Brown Bag Lunch in Hub Side Rooms
 (We recommend getting your lunch at the SNAR and bringing it to the side rooms.)
Bring your lunch. 

1)     Intergenerational Trauma and HOPE: Native American Empowerment Programs, Pete Hill and American Indian Services, Faye Givens
2)     Carlisle Descendants
3)     Truth and Reconciliation
4)     Other tables available for lunch


A. *CIIS Legacy and Critical Pedagogy: Educating the Next Generations
Hub Side Rooms
Moderator Barbara Landis
Anne-Claire Fisher and Paul Brawdy, St Bonaventure University
Stephanie A. Flores-Koulish, Loyola University Maryland
Cristina Stanciu,Virginia Commonwealth University

B. *Film Screening: The Lost Ones: Long Journey Home documents the story of two Lipan Apache children captured along the Texas-Mexican border in 1877 by the 4th U.S. Cavalry. After the massacre of their village known as the “Day of Screams,” the children rode from fort to fort with the Calvary for three years before being taken to the Carlisle Industrial Indian School (CIIS) in Pennsylvania. Ties with their family were completely severed. The only legacy the children left was Kesetta’s three year-old son who became the youngest child ever to be enrolled at CIIS. While the family remembered the Lost Ones every year, they never knew what had happened to the children or where they were buried until two centuries later. This documentary reveals the mystery of how in 2009 on the anniversary of Remolino, Lipan Apache descendants from California, Texas, and New Mexico came to Carlisle to offer blessings so the children could be sent home.

Daniel Castro Romero, Jr., Richard Gonzalez, Jacqueline Fear-Segal, and Susan Rose
Althouse 106

Daniel Castro Romero, Jr. and Margo Tamez
“Kesetta, Augustina, Flavia, Eloisa and Genocide Crimes, 1872-2011: Ndé women’s history as a collective case for implementing the UNDRIP in the U.S. and Mexico for bifurcated peoples”


Snack Break
ATS Lobby 

N. Scott Momaday
Plenary and Closing “The Stones at Carlisle”

Sunday October 7


Tour of CIIS by Barbara Landis
(pre-registration required) 

Impromptu Brunch for Descendants and Friends
(Place TBA) 

Note to October 2012 Symposium participants: The Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS), 21 N. Pitt Street, Carlisle, PA will expand its hours to accommodate Carlisle Indian School research. The hours will be Thursday, October 4, 10-6PM/ Friday, October 5, 10-4PM / Saturday, October 6, 10-2PM / Sunday, October 7, noon – 6PM.  For more information call CCHS at (717) 249-7610 during business hours.